Tuesday, January 4, 2011

6 Steps to Achieving Creativity in Business, Personal Life

 It turns out that the creative process involves both art and science

What does it take to produce something truly original? The notion that creativity is the province of right-brain, left-handed artsy types is outdated, says Daniel Goleman, a psychologist and author of Emotional Intelligence. "The creative brain state accesses a whole range of connections throughout the brain," he says. In fact, the latest research suggests that less than a second before the proverbial light bulb switches on, a spike in gamma brain waves appears to bind cells in several regions of the brain into a new neural network.

This article, published yesterday in U.S. News, explores the origin of creativity in the brain.  It offers a step by step guide to harnessing our creative powers using techniques that include mindfulness, mental imagery, and critical analysis.

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